Accelerated Sales Development

A programme that embraces every aspect of winning, growing and retaining new business, but it all starts with a very different approach, which is developing a mindset for sales success. We can learn new sales skills and techniques, but unless we have a mindset for sales success, progress will falter, motivation will be lost, and results will be lacking.

The sales success mindset formula is the bedrock to accelerated sales success, it underpins the sales methodology, it is proven and highly successful in B2B sales environments.

When facing informed and sophisticated buyers and often a range of stakeholders involved in the decision-making process, the sales person of today needs advanced skills and methodologies to lead, influence and close the sale.

The methodology places emphasis on providing value and fresh insights to prospects, demonstrating knowledge, expertise and experience. This builds credibility and trust in the supplier/buyer relationship.

The goal is to deliver solutions that are a win for both parties, providing value and mutual benefit, integrated with a sales success mindset, this is the essence of the Accelerated Sales approach.

Our sales development programmes are tailored, accounting for the experience and knowledge level of attendees, covering basic sales essentials to  advanced strategies to become an influential seller.  The sales development programmes are suitable for those managing accounts as well as business development and sales managers.